DigiByte Faucet

The creator of the faucet

Who are you?

I'm a 20-year-old student from Peru. I'm relatively new in the crypto-world and I love programming so, why not combine this two hobbies right?

As you may notice, I like to publish my projects, so you can check my GitHub or visit my WebSite to find other tech-like projects that you may like.

This is my first big contribution to any community and I hope you can use it to get everyone you know into DigiByte. So, spread the DigiByte Blockchain with this page at zero cost.

And thats about it. Here is my Reddit and Telegram if you want to get in touch with me to say hi or give me any suggestion for this or any of my projects. This is my profile and this is me, welcome to my page and I hope you can enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed coding it.

How can I support you?

As this project is about crypto, here is my personal DigiByte address. If you like this project, please consider donating, it helps me see how much impact it has had within the community.